Pineapple Bath Bomb

Rs. 300.00


Fall in love with the summer colours & pina colada fragrance of this bath bomb. 

Ingredients:  Bicarbonate soda, citric acid, cornflour, cream of tartar, sodium cocoyl isethionate  (SCI), witch hazel, essential oil blend, water (aqua), tapioca starch, skin safe colours.

How to use: Using the bath bomb is as easy as it can get. Fill your tub with water that is at a comfortable temperature for you. Once the tub is full, drop the bomb in the water and enjoy the show! You'll see the bomb fizz and swirl around the tub leaving colourful trails of skin-loving oils and fragrance behind it. It's your choice if you want to get in the tub while the bath bomb is still fizzing or if you'd rather wait until it's completely dissolved. Either way, ease your way to relaxation as your skin absorbs all the benefits your bath bomb has provided.

Keep in a cool, dry place until you're ready to settle in for a long relaxing plastic-free soak. We pack them in biodegradable plastic-free packaging.

Suitable for kids to use.

Net Weight: 60gm

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