FOAMO-IS Bath Essentials a passion project, brand based in Kolkata, India started by 2 sisters, Isha Kapoor and Siddhi Kapoor who wish to spread love and happiness as they bring to you their handmade bath essentials. Wanting you to wallow in your everyday essential and be pampered with our sumptuous and vibrant creation.

We not only bring to you products with natural ingredients but also aesthetically attractive to the eye, with a variety of colours, shapes, fragrances and essential oils which are nourishing and gentle to the skin. Each product is created and customised as per customer needs keeping in mind their skin type and preferences labelled with millennial phrases, words and abbreviations making it fun, quirky and a luxurious experience.

Lastly all our packaging is handmade and procured from an all women NGO we have tied up with. We are proud to say that FOAMO is completely a women owned/managed and run business.

“Since a child I have been obsessed with soaps - where kids would choose chocolates I would prefer soaps! After completing my masters from Hult International Business School, Dubai I got back to Kolkata. with a vision to start my entrepreneurial journey in a completely different field - (FOAMO was not in the picture at all).  But soon enough, during the pandemic things stood at a stand still, which is when I found the reason & time to follow my passion and ordered my first DIY soap making kit and FOAMO-IS Bath Essentials was born soon after” - Isha


Happy Lathering!